21. June 2019.

Euro-Unit received special HTUP recognition

Hrvatsko-turska udruga prijateljstva (Croatian-Turkish association of friends) celebrates 25 years of successful work on bringing together two nations and two countries through various programs of cultural, artistic, educational, economic and many other types of cooperation. 2019 is a year of jubilee, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. In these 25 years, the Croatian-Turkish association of friends has grown into one of the most active societies of international friendship in Croatia with the help of many individuals and institutions. The Croatian-Turkish association of friends has decided to give to numerous members and activists special acknowledgments of HTUP.

HTUP-s executive board issued a decision to award Euro-Unit company for the special support of the Association as well as its contribution to the development of Croatian-Turkish relations. Acknowledgments were given at the ceremony on the occasion of the 25th Ceremony of the Establishment of the Croatian-Turkish association of friends on June 11th, 2019 at the Jazz Club Kontesa in Zagreb in the presence of His Excellency Babur Hizlan, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Croatia. For that occasion, a special concert was held by the trio Orient Expresto (Matej Mestrovic and Kristina Bjelopavlovic Cesar on piano and Borna Sercar – percussion).

We are very proud of this recognition for the help of the musical project “Musical bridges / Müzik köprüleri” which was recorded in the fall of 2017 in Cakovec in the headquarter of Euro-Unit company. Two pianists, Maestro Ivan Horvatic from Zurich and Maestro Hakan Ali Toker from Istanbul, have selected and performed 11 piano compositions from the Croatian and Turkish music history. Everything was monitored by the producer of the project, well-known Croatian pianist, composer and our good friend Matej Mestrovic. Maestro Horvatic performed Turkish and Maestro Toker Croatian compositions. The CD has been finished and mixed in October 2017 in Zagreb and recorded material has been presented to the Croatian and Turkish public. The first presentation was held in honor of the Republic of Turkey’s Day, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Zagreb, beginning of November 2017, and the second one, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Ankara, mid-November 2017 in the capital of Turkey.

This CD remains a permanent memorial of the anniversary of mutual recognition and establishment of diplomatic relations, and Euro-Unit received this honor and is very proud to be one of the sponsors of this international music project, ensuring the perfect location and ambiance for recording with grand piano Bösendorfer Standard 225.

Thanks once again to Croatian-Turkish association of friends for this special recognition.