11. studenoga 2009.

WQC Star Award 2004.

In 2004 Euro-Unit d.o.o. again received the WQC «Star award» which confirms that the award from 2003 was not given by chance but that both awards are the result of long efforts upon the increase of quality. It is an acknowledgement to our company and a proof to other Croatian companies that quality will be recognized no matter where you come from. The 2004 award presentation ceremony was in New York, the center of the world’s economy which was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with numerous business people. The conclusion was a universal rule for good commercial success – never be satisfied with the already established quality, however great it may appear, but try to improve it, research the market and the wishes of customers. The Paris and New York awards set view goals to our company and proved that we are forward-looking. Jose E. Prieto, president of B.I.D. and co-author of the QC 100 quality-standard handed the award to Mr. Ivan Sencar the general manager of Euro-Unit d.o.o. Due to the fact that it was an international event Euro-Unit d.o.o. had a strong competition and that makes the victory, which put Euro-unit side by side with leading companies in all segments of modern business, even greater. QC 100 high-quality model is the ideal of thousands of companies worldwide. Over 9500 companies have been included into this process over the years. The fact that Euro-unit d.o.o. was one of the winners in therefore important for the entire Croatian economy, because it showed that it is possible to achieve high standards even under most difficult circumstances like in Croatia.