15. October 2019.

Yamaha’s workshop at Euro-Unit

Yamaha’s workshop for Euro-Unit music stores employees in Čakovec, Zagreb and Osijek was held at the Euro-Unit headquarters in Čakovec on the 10th of October 2019, while a workshop for music stores in Rijeka, Pula, Zadar and Split was held in Rijeka on 7th of October 2019. at Yamaha Music School Rijeka.

Roman Sterzik, a well-known Yamaha keyboards presenter, led the workshop and presentation in Čakovec. The topic of the workshop was to get acquainted with Yamaha’s new PSR-SX900 and PSR-SX700 workstation models and their wide range of features and functions, while the second part of the presentation was thematically related to the Clavinova CLP and CSP digital pianos and to learn about the capabilities and features of Yamaha’s Smart Pianist application, which helps learning and playing piano, and offers many options for users who can modify their piano model, select backing tracks, improve their own technique, or play their personal favourite songs. The Smart Pianist app makes piano playing smarter than ever before.

Euro-Unit regularly invests in educating its employees, which is one of the company’s business policy, so this workshop was also a great way to get to know the new features and opportunities that Yamaha offers with new products, and on the other hand, the goal is to educate our employees with the numerous possibilities of Yamaha’s digital pianos and keyboards so they can help customers to choose the best instrument for them or their children.