30. July 2014.

Yamaha Clavinova – what’s the difference?

Yamaha digital pianos, known as Clavinova for many years held the first place in sales in the world for its high-quality workmanship and affordable prices. Most often choose them students and music schools because of low maintenance costs and superior sound, and the differences between real pianos and Yamaha digital pianos from series to series are smaller which allows the performance quality of teaching in these unique instruments.


Why digital piano?

  1. First of all, the reason is the price of the digital piano. Their price is lower than the classical piano, but the ultimate cost of top Clavinova models are side by side with acoustic pianos.
  2. Maintenance costs of digital pianos are far lower than conventional because it does not need regular tuning (cost of approx. 150 euros per year)
  3. Easier manipulation of digital piano for far less weight instrument. Digital piano can seamlessly move two adults without any effort.
  4. Microclimate in which the digital piano is placed, has no effect on the sound of these digital instruments
  5. Designs are narrower and lower than the classical piano and so take up less space, the keyboard is normal sized what is extremely important for students. Of course, there are models that with its appearance and dimensions follow acoustic pianos.
  6. There are also two headphone jacks so that the student can practice without being bothered by their environment (or opposite), and the second output can control the teacher exercises carried out by the student
  7. All Yamaha Clavinova has a foot pedal as well as classical piano with the same functions
  8. Clavinova have built-in metronome exercise that unless they have sound also have pulsating LEDs for an easier exercise
  9. They also have built-in audio recorders so that students can their exercise capture and subsequent ally control performance, or if you want you can try to compose on a simple way. Some models are equipped with this system is so developed that can be used as a multi-channel studio.
  10. Yamaha Clavinova can connect to the computer, and then expand their options depending on the model and the programs you use on your PC to a fully professional use for music production where only your creativity sets the limits


What about classic, acoustic pianos?

No worries? Quality classic (acoustic) piano results centuries of development and superior manual work of various teams of craftsmen who make them unique and unrepeatable regardless of incredible advances of Yamaha technology. Please note, a quality acoustic piano because in this segment recently on the market are offered varieties of strange instruments from suspicious manufacturers nor its low cost cannot justify their disastrous performance.

Remember, only Yamaha produce Clavinova. All the rest are digital pianos from various manufacturers often deliberately confuse customers (Arius is a series of Yamaha Clavinova but on market have emerged with Chinese Arius digital pianos of questionable quality). Besides the confusion with similar names and naming of digital pianos from other manufacturers of Clavinovas!! also will deny and a multitude of other technical data by which Clavinova is far ahead of the competition.



Various forums are full of flawed, unprofessional and above all very subjective evaluation and assessment, and not rare are cases of deliberate disinformation. Consider how much you need to open an account on the forum and become an “expert” in a particular region. The best example is the thirteen-year child from America who shared the “expert” medical advice to gullible until they caught him.

Therefore, we suggest you to visit our shops around Croatia and try out instruments that you intend to purchase. Take the professors who teach your children so that they also verify digital piano before purchasing so both you and your child get the best possible instrument for the price that you set aside, and we’ll also take care of expert advice, provide superior support in every aspect as guaranteed by European standards with certified insured service with original spare parts.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or come to your nearest Euro-Unit music store.

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