4. February 2014.

Vic Firth news from Namm Show

NEWS from the NAMM show. The biggest and most strong stick company for production of sticks VIC FIRTH made new models of sticks and beaters for bass and we have to say that we are thrilled


Let’s continue

SVC – Vinnie Colaiuta – drummer who doesn’t need any introduction as question is where he didn’t play?! In Vic Firth he found company that follow his needs to fulfill perfection…stick is almost full 5B with little changes to his wishes.

SGRE – Matt Greiner stick – drummer of very popular AUGUST BURNS RED band – truly organic stick without coating…see the video


Beaters for bass drum – awesome product and sound…see and hear for yourself


TITAN – stick of carbonfibre most durable stick that last and last and still have the same sound of wooden stick, available in 5B.

SHoGUN – finally Japan oak stick with crisp cross stick sound with advance that every note is crisp when you play very fast pattern on hihat so you can hear every tone.

Beside this news it possible for you to download VIC FIRTH APP…very usable app with overview of sticks and with patterns for practice that app delivers to you.



To fulfill your experience visit EURO-UNIT music stores and get in touch with our offer of best stick brand when sticks, mallets and beaters are matter.

I’m Neven Pintaric – product specialist for percussion in Euro-Unit. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.