21. March 2022.

Presentation of corporate social responsibility for Croatian and French students

We are very pleased that EURO-UNIT was chosen for the Erasmus + I Tekno Positiv project by Economic and Trade School Čakovec as part of which students and professors of the Ogec Teilhard De Chardin school from France participated on Thursday 17th of March 2022. on the presentation of our company with the subject “Corporate social responsibility”. Croatian and French students were delighted to visit the company headquarters and the presentation of CSP held by Mr. Ivan Senčar CEO and owner of EURO-UNIT. The goal of the presentation was based on the application of Corporate social responsibility in practice, which the EURO-UNIT company has been nurturing since 1995. For CSP we received in 2009. and 2013. prestigious awards Index DOP-a assigned by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

About the project:
Project I Tekno Positive, ERASMUS +, key activity 2: school partnerships. Funds from the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs have been approved for the project. The project lasts from 1.9. 2020 to 31 August 2023. The project holder is the Ogec Teilhard de Chardin School, Saint Maur des Fossés, France and the partners are Čakovec School of Economics and Commerce, and the Instituto Tecnico Statale per il Turismo, Rimini, Italy. About twenty students from each school are involved in the project. The goal and purpose is to develop intercultural and professional competencies of students and the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the field of corporate social responsibility through the establishment of cooperation with economic entities. Student mobility and visits to companies that conduct socially responsible business are organized. Furthermore, the objectives of the project are to develop the use of English in everyday and business communication and the use of ICT, to develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, to encourage teamwork and collaborative learning and to encourage creativity and critical thinking. The final product of the project is recorded video material on corporate social responsibility. Project coordinator: mr. Dunja Siročić, collaborators: Tatjana Frančić Mikulić, prof., Tanja Skoliber, prof. and Josip Posavec, prof.

Students of the 2nd grade of the School of Economics and Commerce in Čakovec, Pavla Nađ and Zoe Rajher, described their impressions of the visit:

“On 17 March 2022 about twenty-five Croatian and French students visited the company Euro Unit. It was part of our Erasmus+ project “I Tekno Positiv” which involves students of Ekonomska i trgovačka škola Čakovec, students from the school Ogec Teilhard de Chardin from France and the school Instituto Tecnico Statale per il Turismo from Italy. The main aim of our project is to study corporate social responsibility in companies. Months before coming to Euro Unit, our teacher and project coordinator, Mrs. Dunja Siročić, gave us a task to study the company, its core business and its attitude to being socially responsible. We made a presentation about the company and introduced it to our colleagues, French students, who came to our school as part of international mobility.

We were excited because a lot of us love music and some of us play musical instruments. You know what they say, the first impression is the most important. When we set foot in the company, the company was full of green plants and it was nicely decorated. As we walked around, everything was clean and well put together. We especially liked Mr. Ivan Senčar’s presentation. It was not boring, it helped us understand more how corporate social responsibility is implemented in that company. When we were walking through the shop, we saw a diversity of brands, for example, Yamaha, Ortega Guitars,  Ivan’s guitar, Fender, PRS Guitars and many others. Everything in the shop was very well organised. Everything was really interesting, but mostly how they care about nature and the nature park. We’re really sad that we didn’t go there. In conclusion, Mr. Ivan Senčar has motivated us to care more about nature.”

Enthusiastic applause of the participants and especially positive feedback from French and Croatian professors and students shows that the example of good practice of EURO-UNIT in the application of CSR simply has no alternative.

EURO-UNIT, with the help of partners Yamaha and Ortega Guitars, donated gifts to all participants. In the belief that our example from good practice in the application of Corporate social responsibility will be a good motive for young students to believe that Corporate social responsibility is the only option for sustainability in a global sense. We sincerely hope that the key sentences of the lecturers will remain: “Only satisfied employee can give it’s best” – “Only correct relationship is a guarantee for long term partnership” – “Satisfied customer is the only measure of success and quality” – “You are worth as much as you are willing to help” – “Living in harmony with nature is the only option for the sustainability of our planet ”. – CEO Ivan Sencar.

Additional information about this international project and student activities can be found at the links: eMedjimurje and Facebook – Ekonomska i trgovačka škola Čakovec..