2. May 2016.

New Award for Euro-Unit – INOMA 2016.

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day in 2016, the Association of Inventors INOMA Čakovec regularly celebrates and use activities with awards and also this year among many of our inventors and members agreed that the best inventor in Međimurje  for 2016 is Dragutin Branilović from companie Strojarstvo Branilović d.o.o.

This is deserved recognition refers to the years of work in the innovation and the spread of ideas of creativity through own production with significant success on both  domestic and international markets. He participated in the Innovation Fair and achieved good economic result in technical achievements and time savings in the production process of agricultural products and eco garbage containers and more.

Given that the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO declared this year as year of Multimedia, also on the list of award winners, found the owner of Euro-Unit (group) Ivan Senčar which is given recognition for many years to recognize the work in multimedia through the lead director Ivana Sencar and his staff leaders who have longstanding work and act in the organization and technical support in many occasions that multimedia participating in the promotion of copyright and related rights and their quality achievement.

Other award winner in Multimedia’s is television network Srce TV, referring to the longtime recognized work in multimedia as director Miljenko Vinković and all journalists and leaders who have long time ago recognized  innovation and  spread of ideas through the media, which have helped association in its promotion to the population that resulting understanding of inventiveness as a part of their lives to create a better tomorrow.

The third selected award winner in Multimedia is Zoran Mašović. Zoran’s versatile work in multimedia as a radio and television presenter and editor in recognition of innovation and the spread of ideas through the media in many years its work which has helped the association in its promotion in front of population.

– About activities rewarding the most deserving individuals and companies World WIPO will be informed as we have previously done in 2001 when we as INOMA published on their site. This time, activities will continue because new showcase  innovations INOVA – “Be a role model” for 2016 will be at the Zagreb Fair in November as the second largest exhibition in Europe, and we hope that we will, as always with our Međimurje innovators achieve great success with valuable and always new innovations and ideas.

All those who think that their ideas will be able to impress the jury and the market should apply to our Association at least two months prior to the exhibition to booked their place. All of our award-winning creators we wish much success in work and life, as well as many good ideas and inventions – says Darko Dobošić, President of Inoma