4. February 2013.

Ludwig Tera & Giga Beat drums

TERA & GIGA beat – Ludwig drums made in USA with unbelievable prices soon at Euro-Unit stores!

Dear all,

We present you our new extremely HOT product from legendary factory that raise up from year after year and made biggest aim in 2013 as only successful company that go up in drums as all other companies go after world trend of slightly falling down in turnover. What they made now is awesome! We offer you Ludwig drums made in USA with prices as competition offers from 3rd countries and much lower quality.

In sheet are prices with promotion discount for forecast order before 1st of May and after that date prices go back in normal pricing.


Drums are available in 3 colors and in 2 configuration TERA and GIGA with possibility of add on separate elements.

Drums came in one box and it’s a custom made products so you put it together on your own what brings on surface more love and passion for your drums from beginning.

I’m Neven Pintaric product specialist for percussion in Euro-Unit. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me.