3. July 2017.

Hohner news and plans for 2018.

Since Euro-Unit is a general distributor of German company Hohner for the region of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, this year we participated again in the annual gathering of the most important Hohner partners and distributors from around the world. Guests came from Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, Russia and of course Croatia. The “HOHNER International Distributor Days 2017” was held on 28th and 29th of June 2017 in the German town of Trossingen where the factory stands since 1857, although not exactly in the same place, but Trossingen is still a Hohner town.

During the two days of International Distributor Days, Hohner’s managers and marketing staff presented a lot of news that we can expect by the end of the year, as well as marketing activities for the next 2018. The focus was on the new corporate visual identity of the company, the new redesigned website, redesigned logo and the new product catalogue. Hohner as the market leader in the production of harmonicas has a great collaboration with renowned musicians, as well as products featuring signature series such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan and the current Ozzy Osbourne campaign.

In the next period, Hohner will also invest in education of children and presenting its instruments in kindergartens and schools to popularize harmonica and accordion. In order to get to know the rich history of Hohner, for all guests, a visit to the German Harmonica Museum was held in Trossingen, which has been moved to a new redesigned space that is modernized and adapted to the presentation of a number of instruments produced since the foundation of the company in 1857.

One of the most interesting things was a visit to the Hohner factory, where we could see and find out how the harmonicas and accordionas are made. The process from the very beginning, to the end product that is ready for distribution to customers is really impressive. Because of the complexity of the production itself and the fact that every instrument passes through the hands of hard-working employees who manufacture, inspect and test instruments in every segment of its production, Hohner instruments are proud of the slogan Made in Germany, and that’s where their high quality comes from.