13. August 2022.

From Varaždin to Japan, music has no boundaries

Music is a universal language. This is exactly what is confirmed by the review of the renowned Japanese piano magazine Chopin in their latest issue (no.463) for August 2022.

The Japanese magazine Chopin follows piano competitions around the world, so their representative Akemi Alink from AAF (Alink-Argerich Foundation) was in May this year guest of the “International Piano Competition “Memorijal Jurica Murai” (Tribute to Jurica Murai)” and “Murai Grand Prix” in Varaždin, as well as a jury member. Her enthusiasm for the organization of the event itself at the music school in Varaždin and the performances of young pianists resulted in an extensive text on two pages in that prestigious publication with a mention of the Varaždin Baroque Evenings, the architecture of the Old Town in Varaždin and the baroque Erdödy-Patačić Palace from the 18th century where the music school is located.

Along with positive tones about the competition and organization, it is also a great promotion of Croatia in Japan, the city of Varaždin and the music school in Varaždin, which has successfully positioned itself alongside the most famous music schools in the world. In addition to the positive review in Chopin magazine, it should be noted that their review of Varaždin could encourage their loyal Japanese readers to visit Varaždin and the rest of Croatia in the future. We can say that music brings people together, and in this case, it can also stimulate tourism. So we all win, and the Jurica Murai Memorial will continue to promote pianists, quality music education in Varaždin and Croatia as a wonderful tourist destination.

We are extremely glad that EURO-UNIT with its partner Yamaha Music Europe is a long-term sponsor of the “International Pianist Competition – Jurica Murai Memorial” and a friend of the Varaždin Music School. Our YAMAHA CFX grand piano contributes the competition for years to bring the highest quality performances of young pianists. This is a nice and positive advertisement for all of us and we are happy that we also contributed to the musical atmosphere that can be heard all the way to Japan.