20. May 2012.

Euro-Unit won Golden Index 2010. award

What more to do for students during education, and more that they will contribute to Croatian society when they left scholarship it’s said on the ceremonial at award for Golden index 2010. Award that this year was established for the first time and that students associations of Zagreb University gave to the companies for responsible society behavior in past year.

Golden index 2010 gave totally 13 awards in 5 categories and especially category of jury for additional effort and contribution for student’s life and Grand Prix, which is giving to the companies that collect biggest numbers of awards.

In students projects invested the most company Holcim Croatia, then Croatian post bank, and Coca cola HBC Croatia. Most scholarship gave companies Renoprom and INA when in category of practice awarded Ernst & young, Croatian post bank and Ericsson Nikola Tesla.

In participation on student’s projects that organized students and student’s society’s highlighted company Euro-Unit and coca cola HBC Croatia.

Mission of students imitative Golden Index is to award companies and institutions for their work and will for participation and improvement of student’s life and encouraging for every other to join with aim of development and more successful communication between economy and university.

In project that started before seven months included where seven student association from Zagreb University and everything monitors student organization eStudent. Reported where 27 companies, and for students was collected totally 180.000 kn, from what was 90% funded through many partnerships, sponsorships and donations, it was mentioned on award.

Company Euro-unit is only company from category of small and middle companies that received this recognition. Award Golden index is recognition of our long-term continues work in community on different projects from ecology, sport, culture, preservation of cultural heritage, and others…. Society responsible business and despite great economic problems in where we operate we will always find time and funds to help in programs and projects for good of society.