19. May 2023.

EURO-UNIT successfully participates in the international Erasmus+ project

The Čakovec School of Economics and Business is accredited for vocational education and training of students and has adopted the “European School Development Plan 2021-2027”. As part of the Eramus+ project in which they are participating, students from the partner school from the German city of Ingolstadt, accompanied by Professor Stefano Bacani, arrived to visit the school. In two weeks, ten students did professional practice in selected Međimurje companies. EURO-UNIT has been cooperating with the Čakovec School of Economics and Business for several years, and we again joined the international Erasmus+ project. From May 8th until May 19th, 2023, two students from Germany chose EURO-UNIT as part of the project and successfully completed their internship. In the two weeks that the students were with us, they had the opportunity to get to know the company’s structure, operations and all the company’s departments, from management, wholesale, retail, service, warehouse, IT and marketing department to the operations and functioning of the web store.

About the experience and impressions after two weeks of internship, it is best to share their personal reviews:

“In a period of two weeks I took part in an internship in the company Euro-Unit and I really enjoyed being there. Not only were the employees super nice and friendly but I also learned a lot about the different instruments, that are sold there. I was informed about the company in general and learned about the different processes there. Every day I was in a different department, and because of that I really could see every part of the company. In general I really enjoyed working in Euro-Unit, because of the nice people there it really was an unique experience.”
Alexandra Felinger

“In my 2 week internship i learned a lot about instruments. The employees taught the company structure to me and many things about economics. The people in the company are very nice and explained everything very well. I had a great experience and throughout i really enjoyed my time in the company. I also want to thank everyone for the opportunity to let me work there.”
Julia Merkouris

Since EURO-UNIT is known for its Corporate Social Responsibility, CEO Ivan Senčar presented the guests from Germany with all the features and advantages of CSR, the way EURO-UNIT manages its business processes in order to achieve a positive impact on society and the environment and in what way the organization assumes responsibility so that everything is in accordance with the interests of society, the law and other legal regulations.

We wish Alexandra and Julia much success in their business and private lives, with a special emphasis on musical education, and in order to make their future musical moments better, we have prepared special YAMAHA gift packages and ukuleles of our home brand Ivan’S UKE US-10.

Cooperation with the Čakovec School of Economics and Business continues and we are looking forward to new joint international projects as part of the Erasmus+ project of the European Union.