3. October 2017.

Euro-Unit received AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate

We are extremely proud of our company, as Bisnode, has given us the AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate.

AAA zlatni certifikat bonitetne izvrsnosti

What is the AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate?

Thanks to our excellent business results over the last three years, Euro-Unit has met strict financial and analytical criteria according to the unique methodology for Europe and has been awarded with the AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate. Euro-Unit now belongs to a group of only 0.4% of the best companies in the Republic of Croatia, which hold this internationally recognized certificate of Creditworthiness. The Certificate is also a reference for being a trustworthy and desirable business partner. Bisnode is the leading business information provider in Europe and Croatia. In the Croatian market, Bisnode is also presented through other quality business solutions.

Criteria to become AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate holder

AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate represents the above-average value of a business entity. It is based on the company’s financial results for the past three years and provides business safety for the next twelve months. Companies with AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate have business results beyond average and are less likely to have their bank account blocked in the next year.

Certification has become an established practice and method for companies in the international environment for further consolidation of reputation and trust in domestic and international business environments. Certificate holders receive additional trust from their business partners. Euro-Unit once again proves to be recognized as a safe, trustworthy and desirable business partner in both Croatia, Europe and the global market. The AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate gives us the wind in the back for even better business results for the years to come.