19. August 2014.

Euro-Unit – AAA creditworthiness of Excellence

Euro-Unit in the past year with its operating results again confirmed  business excellence achieving excellent business results regardless of the environment and the ever-present crisis. For all business data is visible growth of the company, capital increase, capital share increase, increase of profit and number of employees. Hence the last fiscal year met all the criteria for obtaining a credit rating of AAA from “Bisnode” for 2013.

Euro-Unit is in the top 5% of companies in the Republic of Croatia, and be certificate holder means we’re safe, respectable and desirable business partner. And this excellent credit rating is a result of the continuing responsibility of the business policy of Euro-Unit which is the from  first day of the establishment of the company has not changed.

AAA credit rating of excellence represents superior value prudent business entity, based on the financial statements of an entity for the last financial year. Certification in the international environment has become a routine practice and method of enterprises to further consolidate the reputation and trust in domestic and international business environment.

Euro-Unit as a holder of a certificate of excellence or the credit ratings of AAA, undoubtedly poured general business security and added confidence to suppliers, business partners and consumers.