31. May 2016.

Elvis Stanić meets Revstar guitars!

Last week in our Music Shop Rijeka, Elvis Stanic tried new Yamaha Revstar guitars and very positively expressed about them. With Revstar guitar to try out he used Yamaha THR100HD amplifier with Yamaha THRC212 audio box. This is a combination of Yamaha guitars and amplifiers that definitely use most advance technologies introduced this year in the field of guitar equipment. We invite you to our sales centers around the Croatian to personally see how brilliant sound and what are the possibilities of Yamaha Revstar and THR amps.

Elvis Stanic is one of the best Croatian contemporary guitarists and accordion players and the most awarded jazz composer of the middle generation. The leader of the “Elvis Stanić Group”, a jazz fusion group that combines Mediterranean melody of traditional Croatian music with Latino rhythm expressions and modern jazz tendencies.

As a composer, he is especially dedicated to the study of Croatian and world traditional music, and on the area of the so-called World music is one of the leading musicians in Croatia.

Everything is of course available in our online shopi www.euro-unit.com