7. May 2014.

Eat Suite promtion at Komedija theatre

Concert promotion CD ” Eat Suite ” in edition of  Karpo Media and the documentary film “Sudar u dvorcu ” by Arsen Oremović in production of Interfilm and Karpo Media was held in the City Comedy Theatre on Monday, 5.5. At 20:00. After the film Sudar Percussion and Matthew Mestrovic with live performance honored present with some of his musical „dishes“with a new CD, “Eat Suite “. The booklet of CDs Jagatić D. writes: ” Percussion, which slowly occupy an increasingly important place in the performances of all genres of music and that Goran Gorse, Philip Merčep, Nicolas Forestry, Joseph Blaskovic and Luke Pešutić handle as cutlery, inspired by the composer Matthew Mestrovic that compose harmony, forming a part of the joint on this album in almost unknown musical direction. Vibraphone , Darabuka , Marimba , Glockenspiel , Xylophone , Tubular Bells , Percussions, Tambura … in the hands of members of the aforementioned ensemble , collided with Mestrovic who this album merged incompatible . The fusion of all possible musical genres, united in an incredible compositions. Whole complex in which can be recognized genius composer of legendary composers of classical music throughout history but with the overt in influence of punk, break beat and pop music, without which the soundtrack today life is unimaginable. The circus music, composing megalopolis, offers a completely new musical experience that will excite and relax you, but first of all will take you to the uncertain but unforgettable journey.

This unusual ‘ Clash of the Titans ‘ on’ Eat Suite ‘ is unique musical achievement that is impossible to describe as the experience of all these ‘ barbecue ‘ , Baklava Dance ‘ , ‘ Paprikasha ‘ , ‘ sarma, sarma’ and other songs inspired by dishes , a story for themselves . Matej Mestrovic, the exceptionally gifted pianist, composer, artist … met up with this incredible team from the town of Samobor, as he has discovered his new passion and with his piano parts spice up the music menu, creating a unique and phenomenal blend of the sounds of percussion and piano. If we take more into account the fact that the album was entirely recorded in the castle Sveti Križ Začretje and they took special attention to the acoustics of each instrument as a complete sound picture, then you have no other choice but to try this specialty of Sudar percussion and Matej Meštrovića. Bon appétit & bon voyage! ”

It starts here cooperation of Euro-Unit and these great musicians on this extraordinary project and is still continuing. Euro-Unit for this project gave musical instruments and equipment for their music and so they had best possible sound in what for sure hear everyone who had the opportunity to hear their debut.

A lot of effort has been put into this CD from the moment when Matej composed these songs, until the moment when the producer Branimir Mihaljevic forced “Castle to play ” recording natural echo of the castle all the way to the finish of CDs from Frank Arkwright at London’s legendary Abbey Road studios, and ungrateful to describe with word of the music, but some international colleagues to whose opinions we care a we have send a few songs, and here’s what they said:

Johan Svitzer:

“Congratulations on your recording, which have been very successfully. I think you have done a great piece, which is groovy and fun to perform”

Ney Rosauro:

Congratulations Goran and Matej. Excellent piece. It sounds like an entire orchestra and the performance is captivating and has a great energy. It has a potential to become a big percussion ensemble hit, and I hope it will be so. Glad to hear new repertory like this.

Jeff Sass: 

That piece is quite an accomplishment! There is a ton going on in there, and sounds great too. Congratulations!