2. August 2019.

Celebrating music – Groznjan 2019

Every year, July is reserved for top music events, concerts, music workshops, socializing with musicians, etc. in the Istrian town of Groznjan. From July 14 to 29, 2019, jazz returned to Istria and welcomed many international musicians and orchestras at an international jazz festival “Jazz is Back! BP “, such as John Riley, Elvis Stanic, Luis Bonilla, Only Drums and More, HRT Jazz Orchestra, Zdenka Kovacicek & Greenhouse Blues Band, and many others. Of course, there was also the final concert of the musicians who attended the JMI Summer Music School.

See the joy of jazz in this video.

This year’s JMI Summer Music School had excellent teachers who passed their rich knowledge to a number of students, including Luis Bonilla (trombone – USA / Costa Rica), Lela Kaplowitz (voice – Croatia), John Riley (drums – USA) ), Vladimir Samardzic (bass – Serbia), Elvis Stanic (guitar – Croatia), Joe Kaplowitz (piano – USA), Alex Sipiagin (trumpet – Russia), Goran Rukavina (bass – Croatia), Davor Dedic (piano – Croatia), Thana Alexa (Voice – Croatia / USA) and Dick Oatts (Sax – USA).

And traditionally, Croatia Drum Camp was also held this year. The students have studied and lived with some of the world’s top drummers, such as Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez (Cuba), Antonio Sanchez (USA), John Riley (USA), Famoudou Don Moye (USA) and David Tull (USA).

As longtime partners Euro-Unit and Yamaha Music Europe, this year have joined forces again and helped the organizers to prepare the best music experience. Euro-Unit was in charge of the complete production of the festival, from PA, instruments and complete equipment on stage. Of course, the audience was there every time to reward the good sound and atmosphere with applause.

Luis Bonilla, John Riley, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez and Antonio Sanchez joined forces and held a music farewell to Euro-Unit musician and staff member Mario Preloznjak Zak, who unfortunately passed away this year. It was a touching farewell, and the music spoke for itself in those moments.

What’s more to expect and get from two weeks of music, having lots of fun and making new friendships. For the end of this outstanding musical event, Groznjan said goodbye and wished us a good return next year.