13. July 2017.

Brijuni – a perfect place for chamber music

Podium is a Festival of chamber music that has been flourishing for nine years in five countries – Germany, Austria, Norway, Spain, Iceland and in Croatia since 2015. It´s a modern, sophisticated scene that operates outside of conventional frameworks – a mobile network of people combining their visions in different parts of Europe. Podium stages welcome cultural innovation and give all sorts of enthusiasts of the arts – from music to design and organisation – a chance to perform and create together, given that the approach is original and creative. Out of this idea the desire grew to create a platform for the cooperation between the arts and their surroundings, since both need each other to create an engaging cultural experience.

The goal of Podium is to build bridges between tradition and innovation, to bring together well-known classical composers of the past with living practitioners, to combine the senses in order to feed both the eyes and ears. Visual animation and lighting, as well as a compelling stage design can enrich our musical experiences and change the relationship between stage artists and their audiences into a more intimate interaction.

Podium festival Brijuni/Fažana is the 6th edition of the Podium Festival network, and will take place on the island of Veliki Brijun and in the town of Fažana, both in Croatian Istria, between July 23rd and July 30th 2017. It will take the form of 6 concerts performed by the musicians from Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Belarus, Netherland, Lithuania and Croatia. The concerts will take place in the church of St. Cosmo and Damian in Fažana, in the church of St. Jermaine on Veliki Brijun, and in the garden of the “Školjka” Museum on Veliki Brijun. These special locations have been made available to the Festival thanks to the close cooperation with the National Park of Brijuni Islands and Fažana County.

Podiumfestival has started in the fall of 2014, primarily for music and presentation of artists from Croatia and Abroad. As part of the concert activities, it is special emphasis on new music which includes performing and encourages composers to compose new works.

We are looking forward to this sponsorship collaboration with Podium festival, because Euro-Unit has always been supporting quality music projects and we have been sponsoring over the years for numerous top musical, cultural, sports, humanitarian and other events. We will continue to support socially responsible business and help organisations that contribute to the expansion of music culture and music awareness. The stage on Brijuni will be enriched this year with our grand piano Bösendorfer 200 CS Conservatory, and the audience will enjoy the quality musical programs that Podium has to offer.