18. August 2017.

Back to school 2017.

The new school year is coming and therefore the need for buying new musical instruments and equipment for all students of music schools, academies and other music institutions. Going back to the school requires preparation and you need to do it on time. It’s important to check the offer and pricing so that you can decide for the best new product, whether it’s a new musical instrument or piece of equipment for you or your kids. That is why Euro-Unit prepared and printed new catalog “Back to School 2017”, which is available online to help you make the decision.

The largest selection of musical instruments

Euro-Unit offers a wide range of music instruments and music equipment, as well as the accessories that are needed for every student throughout the school year. Regardless of whether you need a new electric, acoustic, classical or bass guitar, guitar amplifier, digital piano, keyboards, ukulele, violin, cello, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, flute, accordion, melodica, harmonica, drums or something from accessories, reeds, guitar strap, guitar, violin or cello strings, instrument stands or if you decided for a new microphone, headphones, mixer, drum sticks, guitar effect, a case for your guitar, violin or cello, Euro-Unit is the best place for your safe purchase. We particularly want to highlight the student sets of classical and acoustic guitars, violin and other instruments.

World famous brands and our home brands

We offer the most famous brands of musical instruments, equipment and accessories: Yamaha, HohnerFender, Beyerdynamic, PRS Guitars, Paiste, Dunlop, Vic Firth, Steinberg, Line 6, Gator, Remo, Ludwig, GHS, D’Addario, Rotosound, Vandoren, Legere, QSC, Alhambra and many others. We are proud that we can also offer our own brands of musical instruments, equipment and accessories: Bwing (violins, violas, cello and contrabass), Ivan’S guitar (electric, bass, acoustic, electro acoustic and classical guitar), Ivan’S UKE (ukuleles), Canorus (trumpet, saxophone, trombone, clarinet, flute and block flute), Lion Style (music equipment and accessories: piano benches, instrument stands, bags and cases for instruments, drum sticks, marching drums, percussions, tuners & metronomes, cables and connectors) and Slavonka (traditional Croatian instrument tamburica).

Best prices and free delivery

Apply on time for the new school year. Visit our online store www.euro-unit.com for fast, easy and secure purchase from the comfort of your home and leave everything else to us. If you find the same product at a higher price elsewhere, Euro-Unit has an answer. Click on the “Product or price info” button, send us a link to a higher price or contact us, and we will do everything to help you with the best price. For a purchase through our webshop, we offer a free delivery in Croatia for purchases over 400 kn and free delivery to the European Union for purchases over 50 €.

Extended warranty

Euro-Unit has for years been a guarantee for the best quality and best price on the market. We value our customers and provide the best service quality, so we always provide a 3 years of extended Euro-Unit warranty. Some manufacturers give their own extended warranty for up to 7 years with mandatory product registration.

Special benefits of the Euro-Unit club

We have long-standing cooperation with well-known Croatian music schools, educational institutions, orchestras, cultural associations who are members of our “Euro-Unit Club”. All members of the “Euro-Unit Club” enjoy many benefits from timely information on all our activities, a better price for renting of our equipment and additional 3% discount when purchasing a musical instrument and music equipment in all Euro-Unit music stores.

Our offer of musical instruments and equipment is extremely wide, so check out our new catalog “Back to School 2017” where we carefully selected our offers, so you can start the new school year with new musical instrument or musical equipment. Visit our online store www.euro-unit.com or visit one of our sales centers in Čakovec, Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Split or Osijek.

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