16. June 2015.

29th meeting of Croatian brass bands

13 and 14th of June 2015 in Novi Vinodolski successfully held 29th meeting of Croatian brass bands sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar and covered with sponsorship of Euro-Unit & Yamaha Music Europe and Lion Style.

On this event of national importance occurred more than 700 musicians from 17 orchestras in rich concert competition program and also a show of character, which was held in the Culture House at Novi Vinodolski and on town squares in Novi Vinodolski, Crikvenica and Selce.

Orchestras participants made their appearance at the meeting with wins in the county competitions that were held in April and May in 10 Croatian counties. The selection performed more than 1,800 musicians. The first day of the meeting, on June 13 presented the best Croatian brass orchestras in category A, bands come from Belica, Pozega, Dubravice, Mrzlo Polje and Varazdin and guests from Slovenia – “Kulturno društvo Godba Zgornje Savinjske doline“while on Sunday program; 14th June, 11 orchestras performed in the C category concert program come from: Breznički Hum, Ogulin, Kasina, Vrbovsko, Slavonski Brod, Goričan, Daruvarski Brestovac, Končanica, Đurđevac, Vrbovec, Sinj and Špičkovina.

The expert committee consisted of: prof. Mladen Tarbuk (chairman), Miro Saje, prof. and prof. Sime Vulelija made a decision on the most successful orchestras of the meeting, to which exclusive sponsor Euro-Unit, Yamaha Music Europe and LION STYLE traditionally provided valuable prizes in the form of top quality instruments and musical equipment.

Awards 29th Meeting of Croatian wind orchestra won:


1. Prize alto saxophone YAMAHA:

Puhački orkestar Mrzlo Polje , Jurica Rukljić, conductor

2. Prize clarinet YAMAHA:

Limena glazba KUD-a „Sv. Ana“Rozga, Marko Bobičanec, conductor

3. Prize music stand LION STYLE:

Gradska glazba „Trenkovi Panduri“ Požega, Mirko Ćaćić, conductor


1. Prize marching bass drum YAMAHA:

Puhački orkestar DVD-a Špičkovina, Ivan Kšenek, conductor

2. Prize trumpet YAMAHA:

Limena glazba Vrbovec, Josip Kapović, conductor

3. Prize music stand LION STYLE:

Puhački orkestar Goričan, Luka Dominik, conductor

Croatian Composers Society Award for the best performance of a work of Croatian author won the brass band Belica for composition “Circus on the outskirts of a town” written by Tomislav Uhlik.

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