11. studenoga 2009.

CROMA – Award

Quality is again recognized! Thus would be does in a few words could illustrate yet one into a line reward which is ours company at the head of with manager, Mr. Senčar Ivan. This is times confession which award Croatian society manager. Reward is this for successful management into a 2003. and Mr. Senčar have is take for category small company. Already six years consecutively Croatian society of managers – at the end of yearly commercial age grant three parity reward most successful manager age into a category large, middling and small company.

Lay the basis lay open competition and documents you really quality index commerce (interest upon domestic market, up growth export, sort new opened or saved working places, physical circumference commerce, natural index) practiced hand jury suggest finalist, and Legislate for committee cull winner this walk reward. Then criterion is wholly clearly and exactly those reward spell and good are index success.