11. studenoga 2009.

„31 International Arch of Europe Award for Quality and Technology“

Our Company “Euro Unit” win third time the “The Arch of Europe” Award for excellence business prestige, for immeasurable contribution to the business world, for high standing and professionalism demonstrated by prestigious performance. On “31. International Arch of Europe Award for Quality and Technology” in Frankfurt Mr. Ivan Senčar, general manager and founder of our Company, did receive the Award from Mr. Jose E. Prieto president of “Business Inactive Directions”.

Enunciation that “Euro Unit doo” win those Awards three year successive in all categories (gold, platinum and those year in diamond category), collates our company side by side to other big and success World companies. This entire effort over the years made our management well recognized as successful, modern and professional in Croatia and all over the world which brought us many awards; “Award for excellence and business prestige” in Paris and 2004 in New York. “Euro Unit” win practically all Awards we can win in Croatia like; “Zlatna kuna”, “Award for best manager in Croatia”, “CROMA Award” (Award of Croatian manager Association), “Plaketa općina Nedelišće” (local Award for best company in our local community) and many other.