About us

When it comes to music! This slogan is the best description of the company Euro-Unit and our long-standing passion for music and musical instruments. In 1990, when our CEO Mr. Ivan Senčar founded the company, he had a strong vision of a company that would live for music every day. Most important was to meet all the needs of professional musicians, students and music enthusiasts offering them wide range of leading and top quality brands of musical instruments and equipment like Yamaha, Bösendorfer, Hohner, Beyerdynamic, QSC, FBT, Vic Firth, Gator, PRS Guitars, Line 6, Legere, Schilke, Henri Selmer, Buffet Group, Vandoren, Rotosound, Paiste, Tycoon, Ludwig and many more.

Shortly after its establishment, Euro-Unit became one of the most renowned companies for the distribution and sale of musical instruments and musical equipment in the region. Cornerstones of Euro-Unit’s business policy are quality, ISO certificates, secured purchase, own service department, professional support, regular employee training and accent on corporate social responsibility – something that its founder has insisted on from day one.

Long-standing cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers of musical instruments and equipment, exclusive general contract deals as well as numerous well-executed projects cemented Euro-Unit as a serious and trustworthy business partner in an increasingly demanding world market. This was later additionally confirmed by many international and local prestigious awards won by our company. All of these acknowledgments confirm the validity of our business policy and are proof that the right set of business principles and priorities will make you succeed, regardless of the business environment you are in.

Some of our most prestigious awards:

2003. – Zlatna kuna – Golden kuna by Croatian Economic chamber
2003. – Yamaha Award for best European guitar dealer
2003. – WQC Star Award – Paris
2003. – CROMA Award for the best manager in Croatia (Mr. Ivan Senčar)
2004. – Zlatna plaketa Opcine Nedelisce – Golden Award for best company in local community
2004. – WQC Star Award – New York
2005. – 31. International Arch of Europe Award for Quality and Technology – Frankfurt
2005. – New Millennium Award – Madrid
2005. – Century International Quality Era Award – Geneva
2006. – New Millennium Award – Paris
2006. – Gator Outstanding Achievement Award – Los Angeles
2007. – Quality Crown – London
2007. – Yamaha Award for outstanding performance for Yamaha Commercial Audio
2008. – International Star Award for Leadership in Quality – Paris
2009. – Beyerdynamic European Award – best European dealer in 2008.
2009. – International Star Award for Quality – Geneva
2009. – Index DOP-a HGK – Croatian Economic chamber award – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR – Croatian = DOP)
2010. – Golden Index – Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development with the support of the UNDP office in Croatia and AED
2010. – Hero of the recession – Movement for a fair distribution of burden on crisis
2011. – Golden Index – Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development and AED
2012. – Golden Index – Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development with the support of the UNDP office in Croatia and AED in categories: Investment in student organizations and student projects, student scholarships and Grand Prix Gold index in the category of small and medium enterprises
2012. – The Bizz Award – Worldcob organization award for Leadership, Quality of goods and services, Creativity of management, invent of management, CSR and achieved business results
2013. – Golden Index – Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development and AED
2014. – Award Corporate Social Responsibility for 2013. year – Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR BCSD)
2014. – AAA Creditworthiness Certificate holder (by Bisnode)
2015. – AAA Creditworthiness Certificate holder (by Bisnode)
2016. – AAA Creditworthiness Certificate holder (by Bisnode)
2017. – AAA Creditworthiness Certificate holder (by Bisnode)

In order to bring our offer closer to the needs of our customers, Euro-Unit is a regular guest and exhibitor at domestic and international specialized music fairs. That way we can pass on to you all the novelties from companies and brands which we represent so that we can further adapt to the needs of the market and wishes of our customers. Free delivery, excellent stock of products in our own warehouse and in our music shops are advantages that our customers appreciate before purchase. You can also try out our instruments before you buy them: that way the purchase will be made based on personal experience – which is of crucial importance for the correct selection of musical instruments and equipment. Euro-Unit’s own service division meets all relevant international certificates and standards, with assured original spare parts. Designing, equipping and maintaining interior and exterior spaces with professional audio and conference systems, with “turnkey” solutions and with secured service and maintenance, boasts our offer and makes our brand one that you will be able to recognize. Our warranties are in compliance with all applicable laws in countries in which we operate. Last but not least, we offer our music instruments and equipment for rent as well, led by concert pianos (Yamaha and Bösendorfer), PA and stage equipment and conference systems.

The reference list of our business partners and completed projects ranges from radio and TV stations (for which we successfully accomplished numerous digitization projects in the segment of professional digital and analog audio sound management and production) to numerous recording studios, schools, concert and conference halls, hotels, churches, theaters, and orchestras. We have successfully won numerous national and international tenders, demonstrating time and time again our expertise and reliability. Continuous growth of the export segment of our business is an excellent indicator of our competence in the demanding European market.

One of our goals is to help socially valuable and useful projects. To that end, Euro-Unit has been a sponsor of numerous top cultural, sports, humanitarian and other events. We will continue to support socially responsible business and help young and talented musicians.

On this page you will be able to keep track of all our activities and news on musical instruments.