30. October 2017.

We tried Genos, new Yamaha digital workstation

With the introduction of the new model GenosYamaha raises the bar again in the category of digital workstations and arranger keyboards.

Genos – is intended for use both on the stage and in the studio. It brings sound, design and the use of a musical instrument in the category of digital workstations to a new level. As the successor to the highly successful Tyros 5 generation of keyboards, it brings a number of new features and innovations at the technical and design level.

New Genos features:

– a multitude of high quality sounds, not seen so far on the musical instruments of the respective category
– AEM (Articulation Element Modeling) technology to simulate the characteristics of musical instruments that use and allocate appropriate levels of attention to the content and mode of play in real time to achieve the greatest natural sound
– Revo! Drum Voices – recreate the authentic sound of drums
– high-end DSP effects and identical VCM technology as Yamaha’s professional high-end mixing consoles
– Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder
– the ability to expand music content by creating and installing own or purchased sound packages
– YEM is PC/Mac software designed to manage the Expansion contents for Yamaha keyboards and even enables you to create your own new sounds and loops.
– 1.8 GB of user flash memory with high-speed reading/writing for your own voices
– an intuitive interface for creating music and creating sounds, a 9″ touch screen, assignable buttons
– a multitude of rhythms of diverse musical directions
– the Registration Memory function allows you to save (or “register”) virtually all panel settings to a Registration Memory button, and then instantly recall your custom panel settings by simply pressing a single button
– MIDI/Audio recording functions
– digital S/PDIF output
– the FSX keyboard features a premium action with aftertouch
– Direct Access function to a multitude of relevant controls
– completely redesigned high-quality audio outputs
– 32bit digital audio converters (DAC) for high definition sound quality across the entire frequency range
– Sub Line-Out connections for sound adjustment for various situations

When designing the Genos workstation, the focus was on studying and understanding how the instrument will actually be used.

With its exceptional fidelity and expressiveness, a multitude of highly advanced technical features, attractive, fashionable and functional design, Genos will be used in diverse segments of music-working creative environments.

Price and availability of Genos digital workstation, check out here.