1. December 2023.

Presentation of Genos2 was held in Čakovec and Zagreb

We would like to take a brief look at the successful presentation of the new revolutionary digital workstation Genos2. With the Genos2, Yamaha once again raises the bar in the category of digital workstations and arranger keyboards. The presentation took place on Tuesday, November 28th at the EURO-UNIT store in Čakovec, and on Wednesday, November 29th 2023, at the EURO-UNIT store in Zagreb. Both presentations were led by Yamaha’s keyboard endorser, Giuseppe Iampieri.

In the almost two hours that the presentation lasted, Giuseppe gave all those interesting insights into all the novelties and possibilities that this instrument provides. Numerous visitors did not hide their enthusiasm during and after the presentation, and this was confirmed by numerous questions and interest in this unique keyboard.

After successful presentations in Čakovec and Zagreb, we can expect more presentations in our shops. Follow our website and social media to get timely information about new events and presentations.