2. September 2018.

Nils Frahm and Yamaha CFX in Arena Pula

This year’s seventh Dimensions festival in Pula has presented many top musicians. One of them is a brilliant German composer and musician Nils Frahm who lead us to the performance of the legendary German band Kraftwerk. In the beautiful ambiance of the Pula Arena, August 29, 2018 was a night of remember. It was the second performance of Nils Frahm in the Pula Arena, the first appearance was in 2014 also at the Dimensions Festival. With his avant-garde, classical and electronic music performances, he is loved by the audience for his work and he is also known as “sound freak”.

It is interesting to note that all of his concerts promoting the new album All Melodie and EP Encores 1, are sold out months ahead. He’s very are popular with both audiences and music critics. We are particularly pleased that Nils is loyal to Yamaha pianos, and this time he has also featured a wide range of equipment on the stage, together with the finest Yamaha CFX (275 cm) grand piano, equipped with five microphones. We believe that we will have the opportunity to see will have opportunities to see this exceptional musician again in Croatia soon.

The Dimensions festival once again confirmed the position of one of the best European electronic music events.