26. June 2017.

FBT Vertus, winning combination for quality PA

FBT Vertus is a compact active sound system consisting of two components: the CLA 604A vertical line array and the CLA 208SA subwoofer. In a variety of combinations of these two modules, the system can be configured to produce systems suitable for a range of different applications. The Vertus system has been designed to be easily portable and very easy to set up and operate. The vertical line array result in a wide horizontal coverage, with the output being restricted in the vertical plane, offering a better sound in a sound-demanding spaces. More acoustic energy is therefore directed towards the intended coverage area, and not not into the floor or ceiling (sky) of the area where the system is installed. Vertus 604A is able to transmit sound over a long distance better than the conventional front speakers.

FBT Vertus is without a doubt visually appealing sound system with impressive design and quality, but it’s important to mention that it offers more sound than you’d expect from its compact size and it’s gaining more and more customers every day, because of its looks, quality and dimensions.