11. June 2012.

Euro-Unit win The Bizz 2012. Award

In Croatian economy is not everything black and that little can be giant speaks new success of company Euro-Unit. In business competition named „World“ company Euro-Unit is winner of international award „THE BIZZ“.  Award that leads company Euro-Unit in society of 3000 best and society responsible world companies gathered in „ELITE MEMBERS“ with  all benefits and responsibilities of this elite society. (Lufthansa, Microsoft, FedEx, Coca-Cola, Toyota, HSBC, JW Marriott, Scotia bank, British Airways, Wella, DHL, etc.) Income of company Euro-Unit in world elite society maybe is not surprise as company is winner of many world, European, states, local and institutional awards and recognitions for achieved results, quality management, society responsible behavior and cultural sport and ecological activity.

The Bizz is prestige award that every year gave world organization WORLDCOB, and their mission is promoting of most successful world companies and their way of business. With promotion of company’s mission of organization is additional education, exchange of skills and making of global network of company whose participants lead their companies in manner of society responsible behavior. Comity Worldcob is multinational, independent body, and name of members are not published to avoid interaction on their opinion when they made decision. In every category nominated is only one candidate from certain state and for getting award „The Bizz“ it’s necessary to collect min 90 points from max 100 pts in category.

Category for rating:

  • Leadership
  • Quality of goods and services
  • Creativity of management
  • invent of management
  • CSR
  • achieved business results


Company Euro-Unit with their creativity, system of leader ship, quality of products and services and with society responsible behavior in way of business and with business results achieved all criteria in all six category of evaluating.

Beside THE BIZZ Award Company Euro-Unit is winner of Worldcob CSR-2011.1 certificate for especial success confirms all past awards that company gets for CSR. Company is state awarded by INDEKS DOP and Golden Index in more occasions and in more categories.

Meaning of this award is bigger as award „The Bizz“ company Euro-Unit gets in club BCW (Business Club Wordcob). With income in database where all members share information about activities, help each other in getting know of local markets and their specifically need and gave info on current demand and supply of goods and services of members of club what means that this is entry to the base of business opportunities.


Award „The Bizz“, certificate „ELITE MEMBERS“, certificate CSR 2011.1 and management recognition in the name of company Euro-Unit take general director of company Mr. Ivan Senčar for time of holding manifestation of 3day „The Bizz Americans 2012“ manifest on ship NCL – Norwegian cruise Line on relation Miami-Bahamas (SAD) from 08.06. to 11.06.2012. Whole manifestation was held under name „ELITE MEMBER“ club – „feel the differences“.

For the time of short thanks on awards Mr. Senčar introduce present with group Euro-Unit and specially put up in the front of using CSR on global world level:

„In time. We could say world global crisis companies must not took practices of negligence of CSR with excuse of hard recession situation. CSR of companies and also institutions and global politics is only cure to go out of crisis. So implementation is more necessary than ever. For handling of global crisis it’s not enough good will of some companies or some states but is just came unique in implementation of all people from planet called earth“.

On the end of statement Mr. Senčar invite all present to invest their money in Croatia or simple to come as tourist and to convince why Croatia is on the list of top 10 most wanted top destination in world.

In pleasant 3 day gathering it was held workshop with name „Strategic meaning in growing interpersonal connections in business surrounding“. Beside fast business meeting between companies from 75 states although we have to mention importance of business no obligate conversations in totally relaxed atmosphere. In that relaxed surrounding concluded are many business acquaintances and with that are build new business opportunities. In non formal conversations with world business elite that Croatia is in the eye of many worlds’ business people especially when geo strategically position of Croatia is about, but it lacks stability for investments or are from business elite present wrong, not verified or almost non information about investments in possibilities to invest.