23. June 2017.

Competitions popularize playing of synthesizers

Volim svirati synthesizer (I like to play the synthesizer), is the name of the international youth synthesizer competition, which was held on 16th of June 2017 in the small hall of Učiteljski fakultet u Čakovcu (Teacher’s Faculty in Cakovec). The organizer of the competition is SUITA – Playing and singing School, offers in its program, school for synthesizer, accordion, piano, guitar, bass, violin, drums, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet and solo singing. A lot of young and talented musicians participated in this competition.

The aim of this and all the future international competitions “Volim svirati synthesizer” is to popularize the synthesizer, the love of music and the socializing of young musicians. Euro-Unit will continue to support this kind of events in the future and continue to support young and talented musicians.

Results of the 1. international youth synthesizer competition “Volim svirati synthesizer”

1. place Vilim Srnec from Nedelišće – 97,75 points  (prize 750 kn)

2. place Juraj Vičević from Praporčan – 97,50 points  (prize 400 kn)

3. place Martin Antolović from Celin – 97,00 points (Yamaha HPH-50 headphones)