2. July 2018.

Start small, dream big with Yamaha instruments

Yamaha released the campaign Start Small Dream Big, because they recognize how important playing music is to our lives.

Imagine you can play an instrument, right now. Imagine the feeling of picking up a sax, flute or a trumpet and playing anything you want, just how you like. How fantastic would that be? Basically, that’s why people play. Because of the way it makes them feel.

Kamau is 11 years old and he has been playing the saxophone for 3 years now. He plays with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. His favourite musicians are Kamasi Washington and Courtney Pie.

Elise is 11 years old and she has been playing the flute for 5 years now. Her favourite flutists are James Galway and Ian Clarke and she loves Ed Sheeran.

William is 10 years old and he has been playing the trumpet for nearly 5 years. His favourite musician is Louis Armstrong.

What are the benefits of learning an instrument?

– Train your brain
Playing music trains you to think faster and smarter.

– Boosts your team skills
Playing an instrument can be a great way to expand your social circle and boost your confidence. In a band or orchestra, you’ll be contributing to the overall success of the group by working together as a team and listening to one another musically. Performing as part of a group gives a huge sense of pride and accomplishment and is great for self-esteem. Often, you’ll develop lifelong friendships through music, and it’s just fun!

– Feel better
Music makes you healthier. It doesn’t just sharpen up your mind and reduce stress. It can certainly help you relax after a tough day at school or work. Learning an instrument adds a bit of variety to the activities you do outside school. And playing in an orchestra or a band is an easy way to get you out from behind the piles of books to meet new people.

– A real result
It’s really difficult when you first start to play. Sometimes it feels like you’re never going to make a decent sound. But it does come – particularly when you’re playing an instrument specially designed for students – and the sense of achievement is fantastic. To be able to look at a piece of music, play it, and know that you’re playing well is an amazing feeling.

– Stress? What stress?
When you’re stressed – play. Music is the best escape route there is. It doesn’t matter if it’s coursework or office work that’s making you stressed; playing can dissolve it in minutes.

Inspiration. That’s what all musicians are driven by. The dream that one day you can play in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here’s where it all starts – with Yamaha student range instruments. Instruments are exceptional as well as young musicians who choose them. And where does it end? Encore and world tours. The largest audience and the largest stages in the world.
Start small. Dream big.

Find the perfect Yamaha instrument here and enjoy the music.