21. June 2017.

QSC GXD Series amplifiers – light, powerful and affordable price

Lightweight, powerful, good sounding and affordable price, these are the main features of QSC GXD amplifier series. GXD feature high output power up to 1600 Watts from the GXD4 and incredible 4500 Watts from the GXD8 amplifier. The power range corresponds to the most popular speakers, and the amplifiers are optimized for maximum usability with 4 ohm and 8 ohm systems. Particularly interesting is the powerful digital sound processing (DSP) incorporating a high and low pass filter, 4-band parametric EQ, Limiter and Delay, Firmware Update for fast and easy system upgrades. The large LCD screen simplifies setting of the amplifier and indicates the amplifier status. The GDX series useful feature is the ability to adjust speaker protection to fully match the impedance of your loudspeaker and in addition to that, digital limitation will automatically protect the amplifier from damage due to sudden rise in temperature or possible overload of the system. GXD4 and GXD8 amplifiers come with 6 Year Warranty.