25. April 2014.

Pianos week at Euro-Unit

Euro-Unit once more proof that it does not resign from high set standards when quality is matter. Delivery of concert pianos and pianos of world famous Yamaha although needs top support. When delivery of pianos is in question experience comes from basement to high buildings even more then 20 flats above, from yachts to cruisers, from home to concert hall, from kindergarten to academy…

The efficiency and professionalism in the delivery, entry, in tuning are precondition of what follows. And it’s a superior sound that by well-conducted lineup and tuning is not in question when it comes to Yamaha. Yamaha’s high quality standards, the centuries-old tradition of producing, high control standards at all stages of production have resulted in a confidence that gave to them numerous musical institutions around the world. To that global society in addition of numerous Croatian institutions, last week, joined the Music School “Zlatko Grgošević from Sesvete” with two grand pianos and six upright pianos.

We wish them a pleasant worry-free operation with a five year warranty and provided excellent service and support service from Euro-Unit & Yamaha – forever.