12. May 2014.

Meet BERP tool for students!

We all know that the first steps in learning to play are the most important and they need to be done in a proper way, and this revolutionary product will greatly help.

BERP’s task is to properly following through exercises without resistance mouthpiece of the instrument, while at the same time allows you feeling the weight of the instrument, the proper angle to hold the instrument, … in short, the best and easiest way for the first practice!

What is actually BERP? A simple plastic insert for wind instruments that are attached to the instrument and mouthpiece attached to it. In this way, the exercises that theof instrument, at the same time student gett’s used to the weight of the original instrument.

BERP is the best way for the first musical steps students in all kinds of wind instruments.

Visit your nearest Euro-unit store and familiarize yourself with this simple but truly exceptional product and make it easy for students first practice on wind instruments.