21. May 2018.

Euro-Unit visiting Line 6

Since Euro-Unit is Line 6 Premium Dealer for Croatia and Montenegro. from 9th to 11th of May 2018, we have visited the company’s headquarters in Calabasas (Los Angeles) for the official EU Dealer Visit 2018. The goal of this visit was to get acquainted with the Line 6 company, its history and the new products that Line 6 will launch in the near future.

The first three days of networking began with a presentation about how Line 6 does amplifier modeling, which was extremely interesting for all the participants, and to learn more about the new Powercab and Helix processor, and the Variax Shuriken electric guitar. The second day was reserved for the presentation of the HX Effects and HD500X pedal, Spider V and Firehawk amplifiers, while the last day was reserved for a visit to the Yamaha Artist Services. YASLA is a department where prototypes of new Yamaha guitars are being developed from the very beginning to the end product. Many well-known musicians are involved in the development and suggestions, so this is the main reason why this center is in Los Angeles. One of YASLA’s core activities is the production of Yamaha custom shop guitars according to the wishes of renowned musicians.

The last day of the EU Dealer Visit was special because Line 6 organized the so-called “ToneMeister Jam”, a kind of contest (just for fun) for all the participants. We formed four bands with the aim of using only Yamaha and Line 6 musical instruments and equipment.

Conversations with Line 6 developing engineers were so interesting and inspiring, and most of all, we exchanged and shared many ideas about what will the future in the guitar amplifier industry bring to us, also including some suggestions for future Line 6 products. Engineers carefully listened to our ideas and suggestions so they can use it to improve the future products. All the participants were extremely pleased with the three-day program offered by Line 6 and we believe that soon there will be a new opportunity for networking and exchange of our experiences.