21. March 2018.

Buffet Crampon factory tour

Markneukirchen is located in the heart of instrument making in Germany – the Vogtland. No other region can claim a legacy of 100-year tradition in the development and manufacture of musical instruments.

Today Buffet Crampon Deutschland GmbH is a leader for step-up and professional brass instruments: Besson, B&S, Antoine Courtois, Hans Hoyer, Melton Meinl Weston and J. Scherzer! Advanced manufacturing and production technologies are combined with more than a century of improved methods. Using a precise training program, the knowledge, experience and skills of previous generations are passed forward to a new generation of craftsmen to ensure quality production.

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Buffer Crampon’s love of music and the deep understanding of musicians and the demands on their instrument are the foundation of Buffet Crampon’s work. They speak the language of musicians, listen to them carefully and do everything to ensure that their wishes in the manufacturing of instruments are fully implemented. They are conscious of tradition – on the basis of a 250-year experience.

Euro-Unit with more than 25 years of tradition in the distribution and sale of musical instruments, invests a lot in the segment of wind instruments, quality offer and the support of wind instruments in general through many events, festivals, orchestras and music institutions. As a general distributor of the Buffet Crampon Group for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Euro-Unit offers all the brands: Buffet Crampon, Besson, B&S, Antoine Courtois, Hans Hoyer, Julius Keilwerth, Melton Meinl Weston, Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Meister J. Scherzer and W. Schreiber.