5. April 2014.

Award „Golden index“ 3rd time in Euro-Unit

This year also company Euro-Unit get award for longtime commitment with student associations and investment in their projects and for that gets award „Golden index “that on national level give students.

From year to year award Golden index gets more and more prestige and with that competition of companies that compete for it. Award is in multiple category, and this year Euro-Unit with previous 4 put on shelf Golden index in category; „investment in student society“.

Collaboration was manifested through our support to student society like support, donations and through the cooperation with students and Euro-Unit on learning of new technologies and knowledge throughout practical work of students. Just to mention few of numerous workshops for mixing desks where teacher was one of greatest sound engineers Andy cooper, yearly support to Croatian music youth, donation to Jazz orchestra HGM, donation to „Imagine Croatia festival“, donation of Bosendorfer piano for EPTA in Osijek, scholarship to best student of music academy in Zagreb… we are proud especially on support of international project of Croatian music youth in Groznjan. Project gathers young musicians from whole world that are erudited by famous teachers, conductors, musicians and other experts throughout world, and this knowledge young musicians could use instantly on evening concert after lessons every day.

This is just a small part of numerous projects that Euro-Unit does and supports in collaboration with faculties, academy, schools, society, institutions and organization throughout Croatia and wider.

Award in the name of euro-Unit took Misel Sencar – director assistant

„Social responsible behavior is core base of Euro-Unit and we believe that we will follow that path of responsibility in future work. Despite hard times of economical situation our company will continue to support work of students and student associations. We are pleased that students recognized our unselfish support to student associations throughout collaboration with students and company euro-Unit in new technology and practical knowledge based on that. We hope that our example of gathering economy and learning encourage also other business on that kind of cooperation.

Euro-Unit acknowledges student that they recognized efforts that we put in social responsible behavior from early beginning of company Euro-Unit, in 1990 year, sad Our CEO Mr. Ivan Sencar.