Novelty in the entry level segment, Yamaha introduced new Rydeen drum set, to replace its predecessor, the GigMaker. The Rydeen kit (Japanese for "God of Thunder") was designed to inspire drummers to keep playing on a kit that will last. This drum set is appropriately named for its strong construction, endurance and solid tone. The Rydeen drum set comes with a new kit featuring upgraded Yamaha hardware, including a two-hole vertical pipe clamp for the rack toms, with a ball mount system that allows infinite tom positioning. Other hardware highlights include a sturdy and smooth snare drum throw switch and lowmass lugs comparable to hardware found on more expensive models.

The series comes in 20" and 22" shell size configurations, each of which ships in one box for convenience. Rack and floor tom drum sizes were designed with player comfort and ease of reach in mind, essential for younger drummers. Available set dimensions are: rock 22"x16", 10"x7", 12"x8", 16"x15", pop/jazz  20"x16", 10"x7", 12"x8", 14"x13", and both sets snare drum 14"x5,5".

This model is constructed with poplar shells and is available in three packages: as shell packs alone, as a full configuration with Yamaha 680W hardware or as a complete package with shells, hardware and a cymbal pack. Rydeen comes in 6 colors: Hot Red (RD), Mellow Yellow (MY), Black Glitter (BLG), Burgundy Glitter (BGG), Fire Blue (FB) and Silver Glitter (SLG).


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